100 Football Grounds Club: Groundhopper Shaun says on his blog about his to do list, matches he has attended in the past, his A-Z matchday index and even his programme gallery as well. Well worth a visit to his page!

Up for the Cup!: Groundhopper Paul likes to do something different than just groundhopping at grounds, he goes groundhopping at FA Cup games, especially the qualifying and early rounds of the FA Cup, The FA Cup is still magical surely? He doesn't support a football club, he supports a competition. Certainly worth a read, so be sure to visit his page!

Groundhopping the Globe: From England, The Netherlands, Germany and even in North America for not even football, the Aldershot Town trio love to tour the globe particularly Ice Hockey, Baseball and even other sports other than football. Certainly worth a recommend!

Football Ground Guide: The main useful website on checking other teams information, best place to eat, nearest train station and loads more right from the Premier League to the Conference South. Also includes previous grounds as well, very useful!

Cumbrian Groundhopper: Starting back way in 1987, Cumbrian Groundhopper and Carlisle United fan Geoff tells us all his groundhopping trips, a very useful website and an interesting read. Why not click on it and have a read?

The 92: A great website for sharing all your experiences whilst going to grounds currently in the 92. Why not share your experiences by rating the grounds you've been, what the atmosphere is like and even read up what other fans get up to? Give this one a click, why not?!

The Wycombe Wanderer: Wycombe Wanderers supporter and huge Groundhopper Russell tells us all his experiences whilst visiting other grounds. Russell's blog is the one that inspired me to create my own blog, always a useful read before visiting other grounds myself. Give Russell a click, you won't be disappointed!

The Rochdale Groundhopper: Rochdale fan Martin Armitage tells us all his experiences groundhopping wise whilst either supporting Rochdale away from home or other grounds. Other than me, another groundhopper in trying to complete The 92. A fantastic read on Martin's blog, give Martin a click!

Affordable Football: A useful website to anyone that's looking to go to a game for a good price if you fancy watching a game of football. Check it out!

The 94th Minute: A very useful website if you're planning to go to a game in Wales, or if you just like reading football matches in Wales, teams such as Welshpool Town, Rhyl etc. Give them a click, a brilliant website!

Doing The 92: A great website for reviews, pictures of fans, mascots, and so on. Why not give them a click and read on various things on Doing The 92? Go on, you know it makes sense!

The Midfield General: A website mainly talking about England, talking about match previews, squad announcements and just talking all things England. Also videos included as well, give the Midfield General a click!

Got Seats, A Groundhopping Blog: West Ham United fan and blogger Louis Maughan talks about his groundhopping trips. A very useful Groundhopping blog, an interesting read. You can follow Louis on Twitter @louismaughan why not give it a click and have a read for yourself?

Groundhopper United: Another useful Groundhopping website including the current 92 done so far, loads of Non-League grounds and many more!

THE66POW: A really useful website for what games Football fan Rob has planned coming up, and how many games he has done so far and other various things.

On the Road 2017-18: Groundhopper Malcolm Storer tells of his games he attends to, mainly around from his area, also interesting to find out what games are on if you're thinking of going to a game. Another interesting blog, worth a click.

Groundhopping with Ryan: Sutton United fan and Groundhopper Ryan tells us his experiences on his days at football, either with his team Sutton or whilst Groundhopping, also a really interesting read as well. Well worth a click!

Football Grounds in Focus: A football site with some useful information including reports and reviews from games, programmes, photos and other bits and pieces.

nebensachefussball: Another great groundhopping blog currently on over 200+ grounds, currently trying to tick off the current 92 and goes to football games including in Germany. Worth a click.

Swedish Groundhopping: Swedish Groundhopper Per-Gunnar Nilsson tells his Groundhopping trips, mainly in Sweden but also other counties including England, Norway, Austria and more. Worth a click.

Groundhopper's Diary: A useful Groundhopping website with various grounds in the UK and other countries. Worth a click.

Where's the Tea Hut: Groundhopper Uwdi Krugg's excellent Groundhopping website with Non-League groundhops mainly in the South West of the UK. Worth a visit on his website.

Complete Travel Guide to Danish Football: A useful website if you are planning to going to games in Denmark by Danish Groundhopper Claus, also includes other games from other countries, including England. A great website.

Hannover-Groundhopping: Groundhopper Torsten Bunde tells of his Groundhopping experiences in Germany, a great useful website. (In German)

Non League Matters: A great website which includes fixtures, tables, a forum all dedicated to Non League Football.

Many Games Have I Seen: A superb blog with grounds mainly in the South East of England and other grounds across the UK and Europe. A great read and worth a click.

From Portman Road to the San Siro: Ipswich Town fan Alasdair tells of his visits to grounds around the country and Europe, including watching his beloved Ipswich play of course as it says in the title, the San Siro home of AC and Inter Milan in the UEFA Cup in 2001. A good blog to read.

Ross and Adrian's Stadium Guide: A superb ground guide by Ross and Adrian. Details all their visits including all the 92, Non-League and all around Europe. A cracking read, certainly worth a click.

Groundhopping Links: German Groundhopping Blog page.

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