Sunday, 28 May 2017

Deepdale - Preston North End

Preston North End - Deepdale

Preston North End Football Club
Sir Tom Finney Way

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Last match I went to see: Preston North End 3-1 Gillingham, Saturday 26th April 2014, League One.


VISIT 1: Preston North End 2-0 Gillingham 1/12/12 (FA Cup 2nd Round)
VISIT 2: Preston North End 3-1 Gillingham 26/4/14


I have been to Deepdale a couple of times now, both times with Gillingham. A really lovely ground is Deepdale, a very steep ground, but a nice ground to watch football. The both times I have been to Deepdale whilst watching Gillingham, of course ended in defeats. I remember my last visit to Deepdale as I went by train with my mate Hawko. I remember him saying he was absolutely shattered and he ended up falling asleep on the train up to Preston as from what I can remember he had a rough night the night before, I think that's what happened anyway haha. Anyway I remember the journey up to Preston from London Euston being quite a drag as we had quite a fair few stops before reaching Preston. Preston station is a station I've been quite a few times, not just for football but also weekends for Blackpool particularly for mine and my girlfriends anniversary and also Blackpool away. Anyway we got to Preston, and whilst walking to the ground, nipped into Tesco's to grab a bite to eat and then walked straight to the ground. I'd probably say, from the station to Deepdale takes around 30 minutes to walk. Deepdale is an all seater stadium which holds just over 23,000. Preston itself was the home of the National Football Museum, but in 2012, the Museum moved to Manchester. Deepdale has been home of Preston North End since 1878.

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