Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Filbert Street - Leicester City

Leicester City - Filbert Street

Once again, I never went to Filbert Street for a game, the only time I have visited there was back in November 2016. I noticed Leicester were at home on the Sunday, the day after Gillingham's home game with Brackley Town in the FA Cup. Every so often I check the fixtures especially on a Sunday as I like to complete the 92 so I noticed Leicester were at home to West Brom so thought I'd make a day of it the next day as it wasn't till a half 4 kick off anyway. So arriving into Leicester, I noticed to get to the King Power, you had to go past Leicester Tigers Rugby club and Filbert Street anyway to get to the King Power, so really that is my only visit and took a few pictures. The pictures below and the one above aren't my pictures just to let you know.


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