Sunday 28 May 2017

Gresty Road - Crewe Alexandra

Crewe Alexandra - Alexandra Stadium (Gresty Road)

Crewe Alexandra Football Club
Gresty Road

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Last match I went to see: Crewe Alexandra 0-1 Gillingham, Saturday 17th October 2015, League One.


VISIT 1: Crewe Alexandra 0-3 Gillingham 28/9/13
VISIT 2: Crewe Alexandra 3-1 Gillingham 10/1/15
VISIT 3: Crewe Alexandra 0-1 Gillingham 17/10/15

My 1st visit to Gresty Road came in September 2013. Before heading into the game at Gresty Road, Gillingham were not in great form, not having picked up a win since the start of the season. It was pretty much the same for Crewe as well, only picked up 1 win in the League which was against Tranmere Rovers. My 1st visit from what I remember, I went on the Independent Supporters coach, I wasn't really expecting much as we had a slow start to the season, but knew the 1st win of the season was round the corner. We won 3-0 at Crewe which I was surprised with, I didn't expect us to win 3-0 for sure. Since then, I have made other visits to Gresty Road, all by train. Getting to Crewe by train is really easy, from the station to ground is no more than a 5 minute walk, and is a good away day I reckon. Away fans are situated on the side of the pitch.


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