Tuesday 15 August 2017

Hartsdown Park - Margate

Margate - Hartsdown Park

Margate Football Club
Hartsdown Park
Hartsdown Road


VISIT 1: Margate 0-0 Tonbridge Angels 15/8/17


Margate 0-0 Tonbridge Angels
Tuesday 15th August 2017
Isthmian League

My 1st visit to Hartsdown Park came in August 2017. Gillingham didn't have a game, so of course it gave me a free Tuesday night game to go to. Naturally I could have gone to a Championship game, but of course Tuesday nights are a pain really, long distance wise. Local ones in the Championship I could have done were Brentford, Millwall and Reading the closest. Brentford I've done a few times before, same with Millwall and Reading I've been a couple of times and recently just been. After looking around on Kentish Football for local games, Margate vs Tonbridge seemed a pretty decent option. After checking to see if I can get back on the trains, it wasn't a problem. So, before heading off to Margate, I was looking at Wycombe fan Russell's blog on Margate and going by his pictures, it looked a nice little ground to visit. It all changed as I checked in on Facebook that I was travelling to Margate, a couple of mates pretty much said you're not missing much, and I guessed why! For me, it's not a bad ground to visit, but it isn't great either. But I wasn't complaining too much as it was a lovely evening, beautiful weather and watching football so wasn't overally bad. Anyway, onto my visit, I left home at 5pm, and arrived into Margate at around quarter to 7. After taking some pics in the town, and having a quick look at Margate Dreamland, I headed off to the ground and got to the ground just before 7pm. I went round the ground and took quite a few pics, then got myself something to eat and drink. I only bought a portion of chips and a can of pepsi, wasn't overally hungry but was impressed with the chips at Margate, thought they tasted pretty good. For that it cost £3, weren't overally bad price wise. After that, I waited to see what end Tonbridge were shooting at and then made my way behind the goal.

Only Fools and Horses, Jolly Boys Outing. Only a part of the episode, but a classic episode as always from Only Fools and Horses.

The game itself wasn't a bad game, despite the game finishing 0-0. Both sides having chances, with Margate hitting the bar especially. The linesman certainly liked putting his flag up, especially in the 2nd half, ruling out for offsides against Tonbridge. Also, was good to see Neil towards the end of the game for a quick hello, a regular customer who comes into work who follows the Angels and also a Derby County fan. I had to leave a couple of minutes early to get my train which left at 9.53, but as I was walking away from the ground, I head the whistle go, so I didn't miss any goals anyway. Not been a bad evening at Margate, disappointing to see no goals but it wasn't a boring game to watch. Onto Saturday now, off to Milton Keynes for my 5th visit. I eventually got home just before 11.30pm.

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