Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Estadio Mestalla - Valencia

Valencia - Estadio Mestalla

Last match I went to see:

I have been to Valencia's Estadio Mestalla, but only ever done a tour of the ground, and done it twice. I have been on holiday to Benidorm in the Mediterranean Coast many times before, as myself, Mum and Dad love it out there. Before visiting Valencia, I had been many times to Benidorm CF's which sadly doesn't exist anymore due to the club going bust because of money problems which wasn't overally surprising. It was a bit annoying with my first trip to Valencia as I took some pictures on my old phone but then had problems uploading them once I got back to the UK. But my last visit was back in May 2014, I went on another visit to Valencia as I had a better phone this time haha. After leaving our apartment, we headed for Benidorm Coach Station which then took us an hour and a half to Valencia by coach which I didn't mind due to used to it with Gillingham for away days if I go by coach. Anyway we got to Valencia and then a bus towards the Mestalla and dropped off outside the ground. Both times for a tour at the Mestalla I thoroughly enjoyed, especially the last tour as the Valencia players were heading off to Levante away which is a local derby to them. I didn't really recognise many of them except for one which I had to look twice, and realised it was former Arsenal centre half Philippe Senderos. (Picture below) I'm hoping to go there for a game at some point in the near future as it does look like a really nice ground to visit for a game!

Me and former Arsenal centre half Philippe Senderos.

Myself at Valencia's Estadio Mestalla. (Yes I must have been mad to wear jeans in that weather!)

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