Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Recreation Ground - Aldershot Town

Aldershot Town - The Recreation Ground

Aldershot Town Football Club
Recreation Ground
High Street
GU11 1TW

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Last match I went to see: Aldershot Town 1-1 Gillingham, Saturday 2nd March 2013, League Two.


VISIT 1: Aldershot Town 1-1 Gillingham 1/3/11
VISIT 2: Aldershot Town 1-2 Gillingham 19/11/11
VISIT 3: Aldershot Town 1-1 Gillingham 2/3/13

My many trips to Aldershot's EBB Stadium, or mainly known as The Rec. I first made my 1st visit to Aldershot in 2009 I believe the year was. At the time I was with my ex girlfriend who happened to have been an Aldershot Town fan, so of course I went to a fair few home matches with her. Other than that, I have been to Aldershot vs Gillingham 3 times, 1st time being in 2011. It was a Tuesday night game re-arranged, as the original fixture was meant to be Boxing Day, but due to the Weather changing plans, the game got postponed. My record at The Rec whilst watching Gillingham there is pretty decent. 1 win and 2 draws, so not bad. I don't really like to talk about Aldershot too much as me and my ex ended on bad terms, I never like to see Aldershot do well. Nothing against the club or the fans, Aldershot have a good fanbase when it comes to atmosphere wise, just nice to see them do badly at times. But that's me, if I didn't know my ex I'd just see Aldershot as another club to me or potentially a club I would have a soft spot for, you never know. Whether I'll go back to the ground in the future, who knows but I'm not in a rush to head back for sure.

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