Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Highbury - Arsenal

Arsenal - Highbury


Sadly once again, I never got to visit Highbury when it existed, even though back in February of 2002 when Gillingham got drawn away to Arsenal in the FA Cup. At the time I was quite young and remember badgering my dad to get us tickets to the game, but unfortunately couldn't get tickets, mainly due to us at the time not season ticket holders at Gillingham which was a downer. At the time, I did go to Priestfield, the home of my beloved club to watch it on the big screen, and seeing us come back twice, it was just mental. It all changed when Thierry Henry and Robert Pires came on for Arsenal, and well, the rest is history. Anyway, the club moved to the brand new Emirates Stadium in 2006 (link) and the club's last ever game at Highbury which is probably most of you will remember a 4-2 win against Wigan Athletic, none other than Thierry Henry getting a hat-trick that day. Now who scored the last ever goal at Highbury? But of course, none other than once again Thierry Henry. The man was just a genius at football, enough said. Anyway onto my visit of Highbury, the club moved pretty much round the corner, but I decided to visit Highbury the first time I went to the Emirates as my mate had previously visited Highbury before, so I wanted to see what was there now. Basically they are all apartments, but what was nice is they've kept the old stand at Highbury as a part of history. So yeah, it's now apartments, and very expensive ones as well which is hardly surprising.

The pictures above aren't my pictures, so copyright to those that took them. Gutted I didn't visit Highbury when it existed to be honest.

The apartments at Highbury, now otherwise known as Highbury Square, looks all very nice. Again this one isn't my picture, so copyright to who took it.


I only took a couple of pictures at the time I visited Highbury, I thought I did take more, but apparently not. Anyway not really much to say except the ones I took is the old stand at Highbury which still exists to this very day, but what they have done to Highbury now though does look very nice. Anyway here they are;

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