Sunday, 28 May 2017

Lamex Stadium - Stevenage

Stevenage - The Lamex Stadium

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Lamex Stadium

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Last match I went to see: Stevenage 3-0 Gillingham, Saturday 7th November 2015, FA Cup 1st Round.


VISIT 1: Stevenage 2-2 Gillingham 1/2/11
VISIT 2: Stevenage 3-1 Gillingham 4/2/14
VISIT 3: Stevenage 0-1 Gillingham 2/9/14 (Johnstone's Paint Trophy)
VISIT 4: Stevenage 3-0 Gillingham 7/11/15 (FA Cup 1st Round)

I have been to Broadhall Way or otherwise known as The Lamex Stadium due to sponsorship, quite a few times now with Gillingham, including my last trip there probably a forgettable one, well the score line anyway. I have watched Gillingham play there in all competitions now, including the league, JPT and FA Cup. I've always admired Stevenage's little ground, it's a nice ground to visit as well, and plus Stevenage's fans haven't hardly disappointed as they do like to get behind their team. My last visit to Stevenage wasn't so long ago as I'm typing this, was just under a week ago, as the week before the FA Cup was drawn, and I was at work at time so had to rely on finding out the draw on my phone. I was quite happy with the draw at the time, fairly local game and easy to get to. Decided to see what other grounds were around Stevenage and noticed that Hitchin Town was a few miles away, so decided to go and visit there before heading off to Stevenage, annoying that the groundsman at Hitchin was a bit of an arsehole as I got kicked out but managed to get a few pictures in anyway. Stevenage train station to the ground is around a 20 minute walk, fairly easy to get to.

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