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London Road - Peterborough United

Peterborough United - London Road

Peterborough United Football Club
London Road

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VISIT 1: Peterborough United 2-0 Gillingham 8/4/14
VISIT 2: Peterborough United 1-2 Gillingham 10/2/15
VISIT 3: Peterborough United 1-1 Gillingham 29/8/15


Peterborough United 2-0 Gillingham
Tuesday 8th April 2014
League One

My first visit to London Road came in 2014. We wasn't having the best of seasons at the time, although we were sitting in mid-table. It was our first season back in League One as the previous year we were Champions of League Two, so of course ticking off Peterborough at some point in the season was on the cards. I was slightly disappointed it was on a Tuesday night, but luckily I was still able to tick it off. We was heading into the game 2 wins in our last 5 games, with wins over Coventry at home, and a rare away win at Milton Keynes. Peterborough were heading into the game with not a great run of form themselves, only 2 wins in all competitions in the last 5 games. I don't remember too much about it except for I travelled on the coach to the game with a couple of others. I believe I got home about 1am or something like that the following morning. Pretty disappointing to lose, but when you're watching Gillingham play, it's something you get used to! Since then, I have made other visits to London Road.

*This wasn't written by me, this was already on the wall at Peterborough when I took the picture.

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