Sunday 28 May 2017

Macron Stadium - Bolton Wanderers

Bolton Wanderers - Macron Stadium

Bolton Wanderers Football Club
Macron Stadium
Burnden Way

Last match I went to see: Bolton Wanderers 4-0 Gillingham, Monday 12th December 2016, League One.


  • Bolton Wanderers were formed in 1874. They were known then as Christ Church Football Club, but then 4 years later were renamed as Bolton Wanderers.
  • Bolton were a successful club in the 1920's. They won the FA Cup 3 times (1923, 1926 and 1929) and then later won their 4th FA Cup trophy in 1958.
  • Bolton's 1st League title as a club came in 1909 winning the 2nd Division. They won it on 52 points from 38 games, beating Tottenham Hotspur to the title by a point.
  • Bolton Wanderers are nicknamed "The Trotters" This is because in the 19th century, one of their pitches was adjacent to a piggery and clearances often ended up in there. Players had often had to "Trot" through the pig pens to get the balls back. Also there was a local butchers near to Bolton's old ground Burnden Park is another reason as well.
  • Bolton Wanderers previously played their games at Burnden Park. They played there from 1895 to 1997. Bolton's last game at Burnden Park was a 4-1 win over Charlton Athletic with John McGinlay scoring the last ever goal there. Bolton also previously played at Pike's Lane between 1880 and 1895, with the ground holding 20,000.
  • Bolton moved to The Reebok Stadium in 1997 and currently holds 28,723. Bolton won promotion to the Premier League in 2001 with a 3-0 win over Preston North End in the 2001 Football League 1st Division Play Off Final in Wales. Goals were scored by Gareth Farrelly, Michael Ricketts and Ricardo Gardner.
  • Bolton's main rivals are historically near neighbours Bury. Although the 2 clubs haven't played each other many times over the years, the club has another rivalry with Blackburn Rovers and Wigan Athletic.


VISIT 1: Bolton Wanderers 4-0 Gillingham 12/12/16


Bolton Wanderers 4-0 Gillingham
Monday 12th December 2016
League One

My first visit to The Macron was of course already planned way before the start of the season when Bolton was the only ground left to tick off in League One to complete 24/24 grounds so of course it needed to be done. Originally we was meant to be playing Bolton on the Saturday, both of course thanks to the geniuses at Sky Sports once again, they moved the game to the following Monday night which did annoy me quite a bit as they done that last season with Wigan away and moved it to the Thursday night which I couldn't make in the end. So, with Bolton being moved to the Monday, and of course with me being contracted at work on Monday nights, only other option is to find someone with a shift swap and luckily so, a mate at work agreed to it which got me the Monday off. Annoying as well as I had already train tickets for the Saturday which couldn't be refunded but luckily they didn't cost too much. Anyway as the game got moved, I suggested to my girlfriend on going up to Manchester for a couple of nights and staying over to do some Christmas shopping as well. So anyway, the Monday came and it wasn't the best of starts to the trip. Left home just after half 9 in order to get into London around 10.10/10.15 and then tube to London Euston, but after our train decides to stay at Tonbridge for some time and then make an extra stop along the way (which wasn't meant to be but anyway) this didn't see us now into London till 10.40 and by the time we got the tube and got into Euston, it made us miss our booked train which was the 11am train from Euston to Piccadilly which got me a bit worried as I thought I'd have to fork out more money to get to Manchester. But after going to the information desk at Virgin Trains, luckily they realised our train was over half an hour late into London and issued us a ticket for the next train to Manchester free of charge which did cheer me up. Anyway, after leaving Euston at 11.40, we got into Piccadilly just before 2pm. After grabbing a bite to eat in Piccadilly, we got to our hotel around 3.30 and chilled for a couple of hours before heading back out onto the tram back into Piccadilly and then a train out to Horwich Parkway. Grabbed a McDonald's at Horwich and got into the ground around 7. The game itself, erm yeah probably another avoidable game to talk about. All I'll say is Gillingham live on Sky Sports doesn't usually quite work out. 4-0 to Bolton in the end, too many sloppy defensive error mistakes cost us quite the game. Usually in this case normally I'd be quite pissed off but with Gillingham it doesn't surprise me. Anyway I ticked off my last ground in League One, and 72/92 grounds done. After the game, we done some Christmas shopping and took a look round the National Football Museum in Manchester which I quite forgot about until walking in Manchester and came across it. Was really worth it, could have spent probably a good few hours in there and it was free as well so couldn't complain! After spending a decent couple of days in Manchester, left on the Wednesday just before 7pm and got home around half 10 at night. Not been a bad couple of days, thoroughly enjoyed it.

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