Sunday 28 May 2017

Spotland - Rochdale

Rochdale - Spotland

Rochdale Association Football Club
Spotland Stadium
Sandy Lane
Greater Manchester
OL11 5DR

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  • Rochdale were formed in 1907 and their kit colours are Black and Blue.
  • Their home ground is The Crown Oil Arena which is mainly known by fans as Spotland, they have played there since 1920.
  • The club have only achieved 3 promotions as a team, 1969, 2010 and 2014.
  • Rochdale played 36 consecutive seasons in the Football League's bottom division, from 1974 to 2010. Then they were relegated back into League Two but then promoted back into League One in 2014.
  • Rochdale's famous fans includes Tommy Cannon from Cannon & Ball and singer Lisa Stansfield.
  • Rochdale famous supporter Tommy Cannon was also the Rochdale chairman until 1988.


VISIT 1: Rochdale 1-1 Gillingham 18/10/14
VISIT 2: Rochdale 4-1 Gillingham 18/3/17
VISIT 3: Rochdale 3-0 Gillingham 15/9/18


Rochdale 1-1 Gillingham
Saturday 18th October 2014
League One

I have only been to Spotland the once which was in the 2014/15 season with Gillingham, which ended up in a 1-1 draw. I was glad this came along to be honest as previous times we've played Rochdale, they've ended up being on a Tuesday night which makes it more difficult for me to get there and back home. When I did go to Rochdale, I went on the coach and left around half 7, 8 in the morning and went on the official supporters coach. I was hoping for a 2 seater to myself to try and lay down and get some sleep but ended up having to sit next to someone which was a bit annoying. Anyway I got to the ground around 2, was thinking about getting a beer, but decided against it and went straight in the ground. After the game, I got home about 11, I remember on the coach home having to charge my phone as it was dying so good job I took my charger with me! Anyway the ground itself, is a nice little ground to visit, did enjoy visiting Spotland although only been the once.


Rochdale 4-1 Gillingham
Saturday 18th March 2017
League One

Well, what can I say? The result sums it up really. But I won't let it spoil my day too much. I was actually looking forward a re-visit to Spotland as I'd only been once, and mainly in recent years, Gillingham have played away to Rochdale on Tuesday nights which makes it more harder to get to. But mainly it was a horrible crap day which wasn't great. I left home just after half 7 and arrived into London Victoria just after half 8. Made my way to Euston on the tube and left Euston on the 9.40 train which got me into Manchester Piccadilly just before Midday. Put on my bets at Ladbrokes which once again was another poor day in the old bets as none of them came in anyway, but I was in profit though as I put a pound on a greyhound which luckily won, and I won a grand total of, no wait for it... *Drumroll* £3.75! What a result! Nah in all seriousness though, better than nothing, and I thought it was going to be a good day, a lucky win and maybe, just maybe, a Gillingham win. But of course that didn't happen. Oooh I forgot to mention as well, whilst walking to Ladbrokes, a group of lads walked past and started singing "Gillingham's a s*itole, you get to live there" and all that crap. Unknown to them, I don't even live in Gillingham, I just happen to support the team haha. Anyway, I made my way to Exchange Square tram stop, where there were straight trams to Rochdale, which was about a 15 minute walk from Piccadilly. I cocked it up with the travel anyway, as I thought there was only 1 route by public transport by tram that is to Rochdale, but apparently you can get a train from Manchester Victoria to Rochdale which takes about 13 minutes, the tram took me about an hour and then about a half an hour walk from the tram stop to the ground. Ah well, I'll know for next time. In all fairness, I could have booked an earlier train on the way back, but in the end I booked on the 19.35 train from Piccadilly just to be on the safe side. Ah well, any who I got to the ground just after 2 in the horrible drizzly rain. Met up with couple of the lads Sam, Dom and others and made another appearance on The Last Waltz Blog for only the 2nd time this season, 1st time being Port Vale at home (below)

God knows why I'm smiling and laughing at times in the video, I think it's because I'm quite nervous when it comes to being on camera. Either that, or I'm just mental. We just frigging lost 4-1 for Christ Sake. Oh I don't know. Anyway, like I said at the beginning, it says it in the scoreline. 4 fucking 1. Afterwards, I put a status up on Facebook saying "I fucking hate this team. No passion, no desire, no commitment, nothing. Just end this season already, just been absolutely abysmal. Fuck Off Gillingham." And I stick with it as I type this the day after. In all the years I've been supporting Gillingham, this is 1 of the worst. Not the worst as I've suffered 3 relegations as a Gillingham fan, but the way we played at Rochdale was similar to what we've played in previous years. No closing down the opposition, no pressure, playing players out of positions, just pathetic. It's worse than watching a Sunday League side (no disrespect to anyone reading this) it's just awful. I was reading my interview back in the Summer with The Football Lab online and I had high hopes for us, and I predicted us to finish 5th, 5TH for Christ Sake, instead we're in a relegation battle and playing like a team that don't even want to play football. If I was fit enough to play, and I'll admit I'm not even that fit to play football, I'd give my left bollock out there and fight to stay in the division, either them players out there are either here for the money, or just can't be arsed. I think I know what it is as well. Roll on the Summer, where I hope, a hell a lot of changes are needed. God knows why I'm going to Milton Keynes for the next away game, but we'll see. Anyway, to add onto my awful shit day, I ended up getting a little bit lost whilst walking back to the station, and with my phone freezing a couple of times due to the weather being wet, I eventually got back to the station in plenty of time, got back on the tram as I had time to kill anyway and got back to Piccadilly at around 6.45. Got myself a bite to eat, back on the train and eventually got home at just after half 11. All that way to see a poxy 4-1 defeat. Oh well. I hope you enjoy reading my rant anyway haha.

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