Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Maine Road - Manchester City

Manchester City - Maine Road

Unfortunately I wasn't able to visit Maine Road when it did exist, but I thought I'd put up an article anyway as I managed to visit what is Maine Road now since Manchester City left Maine Road back in 2003 for City of the Manchester Stadium which is now of course called The Etihad Stadium. Before City left Maine Road in 2003, Man City as a club only brought well not me in general as it was before my time supporting Gillingham, but bad memories. If anyone mentions Man City to me, always will remind me of 1999. I know this wasn't at Maine Road as it was the Play Off Final at the Old Wembley, but just Man City as a club just reminds me of 99 in general. Nothing bad then going 2-0 up with 10 minutes to go, only for City to pull it back to 2-2 and then win it on penalties. Dreadful. Anyway back onto Maine Road itself, I decided to visit Maine Road on what it is now. Since the club left in 2003, Maine Road has since turned into housing and also a primary school by the old ground as well. What was also fitting as well, was where the centre circle at Maine Road used to be, it is still remembered as well, (below) which I found quite nice. I think if a club does leave that football ground for so many years of playing there, I think afterwards it should be remembered in some way. Anyway, I went to Maine Road just before heading off to Oldham away with Gillingham back in February of 2016. Here are some pictures below, they aren't all mine in case you're wondering, so copyright to those pictures as the 1 above as well.

All these pictures aren't mine, so copyright to those who have taken them. Anyway, the pictures below are those I took when I visited Maine Road back in February 2016.

The last 2 pictures just above are the official centre circle spot from Maine Road, great to see Maine Road still recognised to this day.

Manchester City's final derby game with Manchester United at Maine Road back in 2002.
After the last ever game against Southampton at Maine Road back in 2003.

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