Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Underhill - Barnet

Barnet - Underhill

Last match I ever went to at Underhill: Barnet 2-2 Gillingham, Tuesday 16th August 2011, League Two.


VISIT 1: Barnet 2-2 Gillingham 13/12/08
VISIT 2: Barnet 1-2 Gillingham 23/11/10
VISIT 3: Barnet 2-2 Gillingham 16/8/11

I went to Underhill 3 times whilst watching Gillingham, back in 2008, 2010 and 2011. I must admit, I do miss Underhill in some ways, but I can understand why the club moved, but that was mainly due to Barnet council not helping them out etc. I did enjoy my visits to Underhill when I did go as luckily I didn't see Gillingham lose there at all. My favourite one was of course the 2-1 win after we won away for the first time on the previous Saturday at Oxford after going so many months without winning a single away, followed up by the win at Barnet on the following Tuesday. The away stand at Barnet was terracing, although you had the choice of seating in a little corner behind the goal. I sat my first time there and then my last 2 visits I was in the terracing end. Since my last visit in 2011, Barnet have suffered relegation to the Conference and then got promoted back to the Football League as Champions at their new ground The Hive. Barnet moved to the Hive back in 2013 and is also home to London Bees the home of Women's football. As to this day of typing (May 2016) Underhill currently does exist and to my knowledge, it is currently un-used although The London Broncos Rugby team did used to train there but heard they don't anymore. Luckily I did visit Underhill lately (January 2016) whilst ticking off the Hive and it did bring back some memories. From what I could see at the time, the grass on the pitch at Underhill was a little bit overgrown but not too much.

These were currently taken in January 2016 by myself before heading off to The Hive where Barnet currently play now. Underhill currently exists to this very day.

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