Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Stonebridge Road - Ebbsfleet United

Ebbsfleet United - Stonebridge Road


Last match I went to see: Ebbsfleet United 1-3 Bromley, Wednesday 1st January 2014, Conference South.

I have been to Stonebridge Road a number of times now, to watch Ebbsfleet play of course and even watch my mates play a tournament there as well. The only picture I can find is a picture of me and former Gills keeper Tommy Forecast, but I have been to Ebbsfleet a number of times before. My last visit came back on New Year's Day of 2014, Gillingham were meant to be playing away at Stevenage but due to the game being called off due to the weather, me and my mate and his dad decided to go to Ebbsfleet due to it being local to him and fairly local to me. After getting all the way to Stevenage by car, we turned round and quickly checked the fixtures and noticed Ebbsfleet were at home, so went there instead. My original thought was I didn't think Ebbsfleet would be on due to Stevenage being off and the weather in Ebbsfleet not being much better weather wise. From what I remember of that day, it was bitterly cold and raining as well. Since that day, a lot has changed in the football world, Bromley who were the opponents to Ebbsfleet that day are now in the Conference, and Ebbsfleet are still in the Conference South just narrowly missing out on promotion after losing on penalties to Maidstone.

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