Tuesday 30 May 2017

Grosvenor Vale - Wealdstone

Wealdstone - Grosvenor Vale

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Last match I went to see: Wealdstone 2-0 Hayes & Yeading, Saturday 31st January 2015, Conference South.


VISIT 1: Wealdstone 2-0 Hayes & Yeading 31/1/15

I have only been to the Grosvenor Vale ground only the once, which was to watch Wealdstone vs Hayes and Yeading in the Conference South. I decided to go to this game for mainly 2 reasons. 1 was of course to tick off another ground off the list, and 2, at the time there was a buzz on the Internet, a guy called Gordon Hill who is otherwise known at the Wealdstone Raider. (Below)

A video was uploaded to Facebook during a game at Whitehawk's ground The Enclosed Ground. After being secretly filmed by a Whitehawk fan, Gordon aka The Wealdstone Raider then turns round and says "You want sum?" quite a few times and then says "I'll give it ya!" After this happened, then of course the video got uploaded to YouTube and got over 2 million views, now of course Gordon is a famous Internet celebrity. Anyway, I thought I'd go as Gillingham weren't playing that weekend, I noticed Wealdstone were at home, and as it's in West London the ground is based, thought I'd get a Travelcard for the day and make a day of it in London. The day I can remember was a very cold wet day, I do regret in some ways taking my girlfriend, but as she wanted to come and meet the Wealdstone Raider, I thought I'd take my partner in crime haha.

The Real Wealdstone Raider: Official Documentary. An interesting watch.

Just before the game started, I saw Gordon in the little club shop they have inside the ground whilst looking round, so had my chance to get a picture with him and have a quick chat. A decent bloke to chat to, really down to earth as well. From what I recall about the conversation, it was about iPhone's as at the time my girlfriend had a iPhone but can't remember exactly what about. Anyway I did mention to Gordon that I'm a Gillingham fan, and his response to me was "You've got no fans!" which did make me laugh. Anyway after we had a quick chat to Gordon, we then went and sat down in the little seating area at the ground. Wealdstone currently don't play in Wealdstone itself, they played in a town called Ruislip where they have been playing since the 2008-09 season.

The famous video of The Wealdstone Raider, AKA Gordon Hill.

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