Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Weaver Stadium - Nantwich Town

Nantwich Town - Weaver Stadium

Last match I went to see:


My visit to the Weaver Stadium came about when Gillingham were playing Crewe away back in October of 2015. I was looking to see what nearish grounds were from Crewe. I knew Port Vale was fairly local to Crewe as that one is a local derby, but already done that. Already had a look at Stoke City's ground but already went to visit it when Gillingham played Port Vale away earlier on in the season. So I went on google and went on a website to see what grounds were near Crewe and came across Nantwich which was the next town from Crewe, and a straight train as well. So anyway, I got into Crewe no longer than 11am and got on another train to Nantwich. Bit annoying trains didn't run that much but didn't mind too much. Had my iPod and my PS Vita to play Football Manager so can't complain. Anyway I got to Nantwich around 12.15pm and got to the ground around half 12, fairly easy to get to from the station. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get into the ground itself, but luckily the wall around the ground wasn't as high as I thought it would be so put my phone over the wall and took some pics, can't complain too much haha. Nantwich Town have currently been playing at the Weaver Stadium since 2007 as the club moved there after playing at Jackson Avenue. The Weaver Stadium cost £4m to build.

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