Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Top Field - Hitchin Town

Hitchin Town - Top Field

Last match I went to see:


My visit to Hitchin Town's Top Field was back in November of 2015. It was just before heading off to Stevenage as Gillingham got drawn away to them in the FA Cup, I noticed Hitchin wasn't a million miles away to Stevenage so thought I'd take a detour when I got to Stevenage station and get on another train to Hitchin and have a look around the ground. I was probably quite fortunate to get into the ground as Hitchin were playing Biggleswade Town that day which I was unaware of, so when I arrived at the ground, the gates were already open, which was around half 11ish, something like that. Luckily I got a few pictures before the Groundsman asked me what I was doing in there as the game wasn't till later on, so unfortunately got kicked out. But I couldn't complain as I got a few picture before then anyway haha. I have yet to visit Hitchin for a game, so still another ground to tick off my travels. Top Field is pretty much an all standing ground apart from the side of the pitch which has some seating, which is like this for a lot of grounds. Only decent thing about this day was visiting Hitchin, the football was crap at Stevenage after we lost 3-0 in horrible wet weather, and Gillingham were once again dumped out of the FA Cup in the 1st Round. In some ways it done me a favour as I was able to to tick off another ground of the 92 whilst teams were playing in the 2nd Round later on in the season, but not the greatest of days this was. Not a bad little ground from what it looks like though from when I visited Hitchin.

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