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Chalk Lane - Cockfosters

Cockfosters - Chalk Lane

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Cockfosters Football Club
Cockfosters Sports Ground
Chalk Lane


Cockfosters Football Club were formed in 1921. The club were established as Cockfosters Athletic, and were formed by local residents and the ground allocated to the Club by Lady Bevan, from her family estate. They joined the Barnet League and also Cockfosters Juniors merged into the club at the start of the 1930s, and they subsequently joined the Wood Green League. They won Division Two in 1931–32 and Division One in 1933–34. The 1938–39 season saw them win the Premier Division, League Cup and Barnet Cup. After the war the Club moved it’s two sides into the Northern Suburban Intermediate League, a very strong local league of that time. Season 1946-47 saw the Club finish as runner-up in the League’s First Division and promoted to the Premier Division. First Division and promoted to the Premier Division. The next season saw relegation, but in 1949-50 the First Division title came to Chalk Lane and in the very next season the runners-up spot in the Premier Division. The late 1940’s also saw success in a number of local cup competitions, but for most of the 1950’s the Club struggled with no honours coming it’s way. Cockfosters won Division One again in 1960–61 and, after being promoted, were Premier Division champions the following season. In 1966 they joined Division One of the Hertfordshire Senior County League, and after winning it in their first season, they were promoted to the Premier Division. In 1968 "Athletic" was dropped from the club's name. They won the London Intermediate Cup in 1970–71, beating Clapton Reserves 2–1 in a replayed final. The club were Premier Division champions again in 1980–81 and 1983–84, and won the Aubrey Cup again in 1984–85. The 1989–90 season saw them win the London Intermediate Cup for a second time, beating Port of London Authority 1–0 in the final. In 1991 the Club gained “Senior Status” from it’s parent F.A. (London) and an application was accepted by the London Spartan League for entry into their Premier Division. In 1998-1999 the Club switched their Reserves from the Middlesex County League, where they had played for the previous eight seasons, into the Spartan South Midland League and were placed into Division One of the Reserve Section. In 2006–07 Cockfosters were Division One runners-up, earning promotion to the Premier Division. The following season saw them win the league's Floodlit Cup. However, they were relegated back to Division One at the end of the 2008–09 season. The 2012–13 season saw them finish as Division One runners-up again, resulting in promotion to the Premier Division. In 2013–14 they won the league's Challenge Trophy and Floodlit Cup.


Cockfosters 1-2 Edgware Town
Tuesday 15th January 2019
Spartan South Midlands League

I wasn't blessed with the choices of games for this evening. Only 2 that sprung to mind, Sutton Athletic v Canterbury City in the Challenge Cup was 1, but with the nearest station a 45 minutes walk away, I didn't fancy the walk personally. Another one was South Park v Egham Town, but again the walk wasn't a lot better. Those will be grounds I will do in the near future for sure. I was sort of hoping to go to a localish game, but sadly nothing much going. With nothing out cropping up on UK Soccerway, the main website I check first to see what games on, I checked a website I have started to use quite a lot which is Non League Matters, and after browsing through the fixtures, Cockfosters v Edgware Town cropped up, and with the tube station only a short walk away, I easily decided with this one. I did a bit of research heading into this one but not an awful lot. Cockfosters were having a woeful season as they were last season. Cockfosters were without a win since November, and the visitors were currently sitting in the table in 9th. On the day of the game, I went into town with the other half to do a bit of shopping and she needed some bits, plus I wanted to get a few bits myself. With my birthday coming up, I fancied a new game for the PS4, luckily with the last copy in Game which was a bit of luck. I left home shortly after half 5, arriving into Charing Cross after half 6. With tube trains on the Bakerloo, Victoria and Piccadilly line, I arrived into Cockfosters around 7.20pm. A short walk away and I was in the ground by 7.30pm after taking photos. As walking around the ground, I happened to bump into fellow Groundhopper known as Lesta Blew Hopper on Twitter who is a huge Leicester City supporter, and had a quick chat with him non stop football. He had been to Gillingham a couple of times, whilst I've been to Leicester the once, a couple of years ago against West Bromwich Albion. (Click here to read more) There were also a few Groundhoppers attending tonight's game which was always good to hear. After that, I took some more photos and the game got under way.

The game itself wasn't too bad. Edgware took the lead quite early on, funnily enough as I was still walking around the ground after 2 minutes, a scrappy goal which saw the last touch come from Edgware's Tom Fisher who put it in the corner of the net. The 1st half ended with Edgware looking the stronger, and could have gone into the break maybe 2 or 3 up. 2nd half was pretty similar, the hosts equalising on 67 minutes as Edgware's keeper went to kick it forward, only to completely miss the ball with an air shot, and the ball creeping in the back of the net, which in the end with Cockfosters George Beattie having the last touch. Few minutes later and another mistake this time from the Cockfosters keeper saw Edgware's Steven Benavides slot in the rebound and put the visitors back in front. Game finished 2-1, and that for me was Ground 149 ticked off, with Ground 150 coming up next week. I arrived home shortly after half 11.


Cockfosters have been playing at Chalk Lane, or otherwise known as the Cockfosters Sports Ground since the club's formation with the site given to the club by Lady Bevan. There is a stand on the side of the pitch with a good number of seats. Annoying you can only walk round on 3 sides of the pitch, as behind 1 goal you can't stand behind it. Cockfosters tube station which is on the Piccadilly line, is only a few minutes walk away from the station to the ground.


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