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Craven Cottage - Fulham

Fulham - Craven Cottage

Fulham Football Club
Craven Cottage
Stevenage Road


  • Fulham were formed in 1879, they were known as Fulham St Andrews Football & Cricket Club. They were then later named as Fulham Excelsior and then later in 1888, were named to Fulham.
  • Craven Cottage has been the home of Fulham since 1896. In 2002 they moved out of Craven Cottage for 2 years as the ground was being re-developed, they groundshared with local rivals QPR then moved back to Craven Cottage in 2004.
  • The club were promoted to the Premier League in 2001. They spent 13 years in the Premier League until they got relegated in 2014, a 4-1 defeat at Stoke City in May.
  • Fulham broke The Championship record in 2014 by signing Ross McCormack from Leeds United for £11 million.
  • The longest serving manager at the club is Phil Kelso who was manager for 15 years, from 1909 to 1924.
  • Fulham's famous fans at the club are otherwise known as Actor Hugh Grant, Daniel Radcliffe, Richard Osman, Keith Allen and Tony Curtis.
  • Fulham's main rivalries are the West London derbies which are QPR, Chelsea and Brentford.

Last match I went to see: Fulham 0-2 Brighton & Hove Albion, Monday 29th December 2014, nPower Championship.


VISIT 1: Fulham 0-2 Brighton & Hove Albion 29/12/14


Fulham 0-2 Brighton & Hove Albion
Monday 29th December 2014
nPower Championship

I have only been to Craven Cottage the once, and that was just after Christmas in 2014. Like with Aston Villa as then I went there on New Year's Day, it was another Christmas present which involved ticking off another ground which of course was Fulham. Again I was really pleased on getting Fulham tickets as I'd been meaning to tick off Fulham as it was the last London ground of the 92 at the time. I did enjoy the night as luckily where we sat was good seats, right by where the Brighton fans were and made a lot of noise all game, I did say to Dad at one point, shall we move and go in the Brighton end as I want to join in with them haha. Game itself, Brighton deserved the 3 points, Fulham were awful all night. Due to engineering works on the tube that night, I went via London Waterloo and then another train to Putney, around a 20 min walk, but I do hear Putney Bridge is closer, so either of them 2 train stations are the nearest to the ground.

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