Sunday, 28 May 2017

Kenilworth Road - Luton Town

Luton Town - Kenilworth Road

Luton Town Football Club
Kenilworth Road
1 Maple Road

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Last match I went to see: Luton Town 0-0 Gillingham, Tuesday 3rd March 2009, League Two.


VISIT 1: Luton Town 0-0 Gillingham 3/3/09

I have only visited Kenilworth Road the once with Gillingham, and that was in March 2009. I got the coach up with my old man to this one, and it was one of the wettest coldest Tuesday nights I'd been to in a long time, and probably the most frustrating game as well as not a lot happened in the game, so probably was a fair result. I only managed to a get a couple of pictures due to my phone dying. Kenilworth Road as a ground, as I remember I wasn't really at all keen on the ground itself due to not a lot of leg room, but I don't really remember too much about the ground as it was a fair few years ago now, so apologies to the lack of pictures of Luton's Kenilworth Road.

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