Sunday, 28 May 2017

The New Den - Millwall

Millwall - The New Den

Millwall Football Club
The Den
Zampa Road
SE16 3LN

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VISIT 1: Millwall 4-1 Gillingham 1/1/07
VISIT 2: Millwall 4-0 Gillingham 10/4/10
VISIT 3: Millwall 0-3 Gillingham 19/12/15
VISIT 4: Millwall 2-1 Gillingham 30/12/16

I have been three times to The New Den, both times ending up getting heavily defeated in both games, 4-1 and 4-0. I've never enjoyed going to Millwall, it's one of them intimidating grounds to go to, but I do like the ground itself. Very easy to get to, about a 10 minute walk from South Bermondsey whilst changing at London Bridge. It's an intimidating ground, but the atmosphere from Lions fans is decent I think as much as I hate to admit it! But yeah, very easy to get to though. My last visit to The Den was just before Christmas in 2015, I decided to get the coach up due to knowing a lot of people going by coach, and thought it would be the safer option as well due to it being a local derby. I left on the coach just after half 11, and got to the ground about 1ish. Got into my seat fairly early due to allocated seating, luckily my ticket was right at the back so stood all game. Certainly a memorable game due to my previous visits seeing Gillingham get smashed, so was nice to get some revenge over Millwall.

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